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Welcome to DP Digital Books
A Division of Sheridan

Experts in POD short run digital book making, DP Digital prints soft-cover, perfect-bound books with full-color covers and black and white interiors. We offer no minimum orders, unlimited sizes, no contracts and absolutely no set-up or pre-press charges. 

The DP Digital Advantage, with DP digital...

There are no elaborate contracts to sign.
You keep all rights to your book! If you are ever unhappy with our service you can choose to print elsewhere. Of course if you are happy we love referrals!

There are no set templates.
You are not limited to typical trade sizes. We are able to print books from 4x6 to 8.5x11 and virtually and trim sizes in between, although we do print many standard 5.5x8.5 and 6x9 books!

There are no minimum orders.
Why print more books than you need? At DP Digital you do not need to print large quantities of books to take advantage of a low unit cost. Our next generation technology makes printing one book a reality.

There are no set-up, pre-press or change fees.
Unlike many of our competitors we have no hidden fees. Our automated software allows you to upload orders and make changes at any time without incurring any additional costs. Of course, should you need expert help with your files we can provide that service.

We offer FREE accounts.
Upload and store as many titles as you wish for on-time printing and distribution. With DP Digital you can eliminate unnecessary inventory and effortlessly print backlist and out of print titles.

Offset Printing 

In addition to on-demand digital printing we offer traditional offset printing.


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