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Book Setup and Saved Books explained

What is the difference between an editable book and a saved book?

Dickinson Press has two different book tabs in the print application. It is easy to confuse the two, but there are important reasons why they are there. The first tab, BOOK SETUP, is where all new books are setup for the first time. It is simple to use this tool. Use the "New Book" button to add your new title. Once you click that button, you will see a "No Title Set" title appear in your list. Click on that title to highlight it, and then click "Edit" which will take you to the make-ready template and uploading tool. When you have loaded your new files the first time, you DO NOT have to press SAVE. Your files automatically save in the system each time you make changes. We will talk about the SAVE button later.

If you need to edit your files in the future by uploading a new body or cover file, this is where you do this. All new files will overwrite the old files in the system. When you are satisfied that the cover and body files are fitting in the template the way you want them, we recommend printing a single copy of your book (PRINT PROOF). Simply click the title you want to print, highlight it, and click "Print Proof" and follow the shopping cart directions.

Once you are satisfied that the first copy that you print is correct, highlight the title, and click "Save". This places your approved files in the SAVED BOOKStab. The SAVED BOOKS tab is where you keep your final printing files. If you have more than one file with the same name, delete the older versions so that you do not accidentally print them. If you want more than one version of the same book in the SAVED BOOKS tab, simply give them different names or versions to keep them separate. If you go back and make changes to files in the BOOK SETUP tab, make sure to save your book again so that it appears in the SAVED BOOKS tab.

If you have any questions about this feature or any of the services DP Digital offers, please contact Charles Olson, Digital Production Coordinator at charles.olson@dickinsonpress.com.

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