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Increase your revenue with a virtual inventory at dpdigitalbooks.com!

DP Digital Book’s print on demand technology allows publishers and authors to maintain a virtual inventory eliminating out-of-stock and discontinued titles. By utilizing DPD’s software, books remain available affording you the ability to continue marketing and promoting backlist titles even when they have gone out of print!

Here’s how it works: Books are loaded into your free account at dpdigtalbooks.com. DP Digital offers free storage, which allows you to archive hundreds or thousands of backlist titles. Orders are processed and shipped directly from one of our POD plants. Books can be shipped to retailers, warehousing facilities or directly to customers.

Here’s why it works: DPD has no minimum orders, charges absolutely no pre-press or set-up fees and offers one of the lowest costs per book in the market. All this equates to a substantial savings for our customers.

Maintain your virtual inventory at dpdigitalbooks.com!

If you have questions about any of our services please contact Charles Olson.

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