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Printing in three easy steps

Create an account

The first step is to create a free, online account with dp digital. We will ask for a few pieces of information including an email address which will act as the account login. It is important when requested, to enter your company name and a number where you can be reached in case we need to contact you about your order. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, your account will be created and you can simply LOGIN.

Upload your files

The process starts at Book Setup where you will upload your files.

Select "New Book" from in the user interface, highlight your new book "No Title Set" in the list and select "Edit". Use the simple interface to upload and adjust your files.

Here are step by step instructions on uploading and adjusting files for printing.

Print your Book

Go back to "Book Setup" and select the book, then use the "print proof" button. You will get a prompt telling you your book has been added to the shopping cart. "Print Proof" is merely a shortcut to ordering one copy of your book.

View your shopping cart by selecting the "view carts" tab at the top right hand corner of the page. You will see a screen that lists your books.

Complete your order by selecting the "checkout" tab. Fill in all the critical address information. After entering postal code information shipping and packing costs will appear. When you are satisfied that all the information is correct, click on the "order" button at the bottom of the page. Note that one of the value-added services the DP Digital Print Network provides is the ability to ship directly to your end user customers (drop ship).

Pay for your order You will now be on the check out page. Fill in the correct information and click "submit,"you have just purchased and printed your book. Your order goes to the DP Digital Print Network servers, your PDFs are automatically prepared for printing, and within hours your book will be ripped for printing.