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Step by Step Instructions

The application requires PDF cover and text files. It is necessary to have a recent version of Adobe Flash installed in your browser.
If you don't know whether Flash is installed, go here to check.

Creating Your New Book

The process begins at "Book Setup" where you will create a "New Book." When you are ready to upload your book, highlight the new book in the list and click "edit".

User Interface - Overview


1 Body and Cover Tabs

Use the "Body" and "Cover" tabs to toggle between your make-read text and cover files.

2 Load Body and Cover Buttons

Select "Load Body" under the body tab to upload your PDF text file. Select your body PDF and wait for the file upload progress meter to "Upload Complete." It is important not to leave this page or tab until the upload has finished. In a few seconds you should see the first page of your book in the body preview.

Repeate this process by selecting "Load Cover" under the cover tab to upload your PDF cover file. Select your cover PDF and wait for the file upload progress meter to "Upload Complete."

3 Properties Tab

The "Properties" tab allows you to edit important fields like the title and author. It is important to the properties tab and add your book title. This title should match what is printed on the cover so that it does not cause problems during production.

4 Page Settings Dropdown

Depending on how your PDF was created, the pages may require position adjustment. Click on the "+" symbol in the "Page Settings" panel in the upper right of your screen. This will drop down the Page Settings menu. Here you can adjust the position of pages, and choose the paper for your book. The paper you select will affect the spine width for your cover.

You can also adjust page positioning in a more hands on way by clicking the small horizontal 6 and vertical 7 green arrows on the body preview.

Changes to any Left Page affects all Left Pages, and the changes to any Right Page affects all Right Pages. If you are adjusting your copy vertically, remember that Left Pages and Right Pages are done independantly, so you will need to adjust them BOTH equally.